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from Gary H. Minish
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 Big Mistake

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from Rhonda Maurer
on June 26, 2003
 Oh my goodness Gary! I am speechless! And believe me that does not happen often, just ask my family:-)
Saying thank you does not begin to express how much I appreciate your kind words. It really means quite a bit to me as I am in awe of your landscapes.
I am sorry, it never dawned on me that you might be following my galleries. The first gallery was one that I won from BetterPhoto. At the time that I got that one there was a small limit on the photos that you could have, so I didn't do much with that. The other two galleries that I have were from being voted "Best In Class" and "Top Photographer" for the two online courses I took with BetterPhoto. I did not change those photos because they were picked by Jim from the work I did in the courses and I was just so proud of those that he picked that I did not want to change them.
You probably thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth:-)
Once your caught up with all the photos on the web site you can then just check the "Current Additions" link on my homepage because I always put new photos there for a while.
I am just so happy that you found me again:-)
Thanks again for your wonderful, kind comments on my photos, it is truly appreciated.
Most Sincerely,

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