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Question   Rhonda's photo site
After my comment on one of your birds of prey pics I have clicked through the entire galleries now and found a lot of wonderful photography. Keep up your good work and enjoy your D60!
Best of luck!

- Wolfgang Dolak October 26, 2002

  Answer Wolfgang,
Or can I call you Birdie? I want to thank you very much for taking the time to look through my galleries and signed my guestbook. It is really appreciated.
I hope you stop by often as I am always adding something new.
Thanks again.

- Rhonda Maurer  October 27, 2002

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Question   Great Pics!
Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!

-  October 24, 2002

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Question   wonderful pictures
your pictures have the ability to bring the inages to life. they have spirit.

-  October 22, 2002

  Answer Gene,
Thank you so very much! It means the world to me, and I really appreciate it.

- Rhonda Maurer  November 11, 2002

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Question   Beautiful
Beautiful website! Keep up the good work.

-  October 21, 2002

  Answer Angela,
Thank you very much for your comments and I really appreciate you signing my guestbook!

- Rhonda Maurer  October 22, 2002

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Question   Meeting the photographer
I've had the opportunity and privilege to meet Rhonda and to discover the reasons behind her passion for wildlife photography. She is the real thing and it shows in her work.
Someone once told her, "you've captured it's soul" when referring to one of her incredible photographs of a bird of prey. I'd say, she captures our souls when we view the beautiful images showcased in her stunning photographs.

-  October 20, 2002

  Answer Oh Craig! Bless your heart!
It was just as much a privilege to meet Craig. He gave me a great deal of encouragement to go after what I wanted, even when I was so afraid of making a move. It is wonderful to meet new friends and I am really happy that I came across Craig!
See ya at the WBS!

- Rhonda Maurer  October 22, 2002

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